7s Uniform




The College will phase in a new uniform beginning in 2017. There is a two year grace period for families to change over to the new uniform. 


Due to delays in the production of the new girl's winter skirt, the full winter uniform will not be ready for the commencement of Term Three. As such, the existing arrangements in regards to the transition of the new winter uniform remain in place for Term Three.

Girls Uniform

  • New summer dress with red jumper (Year 1-6).
  • New summer dress with blazer (Year 7-12).
  • Red jumper optional (Year 7-12).
  • Black tights or white College socks.

Boys Uniform

  • Trousers.
  • White shirt.
  • Red jumper (optional for Year 7-12).
  • Blazer (Year7-12).
  • Existing tie (Year 1-9).
  • New Senior School tie (Year 10-12).


Students who are wearing the existing winter uniform will not have any change in their requirements commencing Term Three. There is a two year grace period in which to transition to the new uniform.

Please note:

All size blazers are now available at the uniform shop.

Senior School and Year 1-9 ties are now available from either the Uniform Shop (Balmoral Campus) or Student Services (Duncan Campus).

The new winter skirts will be available from Tuesday 8 August.


Students are expected to be well groomed and to have a sense of pride in their appearance.

The College uniform is compulsory for all students when travelling to and from school, during school hours, and at school functions.

The College sports uniform is also compulsory and must be worn when the students are participating in sporting activities at the College and at College sports functions.

All items are available from the College Uniform Shop located on the Balmoral Street Campus. The normal opening hours are as below, however the Uniform Shop does have some extra trading days during holidays and occasionally changes the normal opening hours due to various reasons. Any changes are communicated via the College Newsletter which can be viewed on this website.

No uniform shop bookings are required during Term times.

Please use the PTO login to make your school holiday booking, if required. See below for the PTO User Instructions.


September Holidays 2017 Extra Opening Hours 

To be advised. 


Normal Opening Hours During Term Time:

Tuesday 8am - 12pm
Wednesday 8am - 12pm
Thursday 1pm - 4pm


Phone: 08 9470 0430